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A Soaring-Cardinal Note—from your Principal, Dr. Gonzalez  

We continue to celebrate all of our students’ accomplishments to help them ensure success! Please know that literacy is active, students ability to express themselves is something that is to be fun and frequent practice. You play such a key role in this regard. Play rhyming games with your child, have them make up out loud creative stories with you to see if you can outdo one another’s renditions, read with them text that is a bit above their grade level, share a variety of print experiences with them—magazine articles to comics to crossword puzzles to games such as Pictionary, Scrabble and Charades. All of these general practices build literacy in our child’s lives. Writing is an outgrowth of our child’s self-expression, so be sure to have your child write their thoughts, feelings and insights down frequently. This can be highly enjoyable as your child critiques the movie they went to go see this past weekend and turns in the rendition to their teacher for extra credit. We will build fluency and enjoyment of reading with you at Ocoee Elementary!

Along with these goals, we want to be sure that you are enjoying these very important years alongside your child, so we have a number of events coming up that allow you to open this door to academic support—


Looking forward to an outstanding time together—ensuring that each and every Cardinal

Soars to Success!




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